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Jennie Gyllblad


Jennie is a Swedish-born, UK-dwelling comic creator who loves handling traditional media such as watercolour, ink and pencil.

She's currently working full-time in the self-published indie-scene making comics for fellow adults who enjoy horror, space opera and fantasy. (One of them can be read here for free!)

You can support her work on a monthly basis by becoming a Patron or a Member! This'll give you access to see comic pages as they are completed (along with other bonus stuff!).


She also livestreams four times a week from her studio, showing people how her comics are made in real time.

You can join her if you fancy. Simply head over to:


If you enjoy her streams, Skal-comic or anything else and want to chuck a tip her way, you can do so through her ko-fi or you can have a look at her wish list!


Keep up to date with new and ongoing comic news straight from the Jen:

Join the Comicatrix Mailing list!

Thank you! <3

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