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What happens when a young woman on the cusp of her thirties seeks out a local Dom in an effort to spice up her sex-life?

Meet Eike. Just your typical single working lady: an office cleaner by day: a submissive witch by moonlight.


When a friend recommends an... unusual BDSM community to her, Eike plunges arse-first into it, excited and delighted to have finally found a group who see the world in the same way she does.

But, as tantalising as it all is, temptation can be a powerful thing. And, sometimes, what seems like a fun fumble through the woods can send you tumbling in too deep, too hard, and too fast.

100+ pages.
Full colour.

DISCLAIMER: The story is visually explicit with full nudity and sexual situations. <3

Jenitales - Artemisia

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