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Ever wondered just how many projects I've dipped my dirty little fingers into? Well, here's your chance to find out! From continuations of ongoing comics to the birth of brand new ones, the first ever Jennie Gyllblad Preview Book will give you a sneaky peek at all my 2015 projects!

But it's not just about the JenJen! While some comics are being created alone, others are made in collaboration with fantastic writers from the UK indie scene!

The Preview Book includes exclusive pin up art (worth £5) that won't be available anywhere else! And you can have it all, delivered to your door, for just £4.50!

Support an independent UK comic creator today! :D

Clockwork Watch: Breakaway

Clockwork Watch: The Arrival

Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA #1

Butterflies and Moths

Bayou Arcana: Irons in the Fire

Professor Elemental Issue 2


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