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What is this?!

I'm glad you asked with such passion and vigour! This is my own subscription service that cuts out the other middle-men platforms (with their ever-changing terms and whims) - allowing me more control over my content and the general vibes~


Until now, this website has been a pretty static affair. Let's begin changing that! The first step has already been made: my ongoing webcomic Skal can now be read here for free, double-page spreads and all! I'm also working to improve the general gallery of art and am considering free chapter testers for certain comics (like Jenitales) in the future. All under the same roof!

Members Only?

As thanks for supporting me on a monthly basis, my members will get access to private posts with my life rambles, art and comic pages. Every tier gives full access to all of this. The higher tiers only really exist with slight bonus bits for any crazy few people who may want them! 

Stable support like this literally keeps the lights on in independent artists' studios, but it also gives us creators a much needed sense of security. Another subscription platform, Patreon, literally allows me to continue making Skal and keep it completely free for everyone! 

How is this different from my Patreon?

Simple answer: It's not, really. From launch, it'll share most things with my Patreon feed. So all private posts I make for my patrons will also be made for my subscribers here. 

This is mainly an alternative to Patreon for my supporters who'd rather not use that platform. We also don't sully this space with PayPal (opting for Stripe instead) which will no doubt delight someone who reads this. ;)

Actually... There is one thing I can't do on Patreon that I can do here: Art Raffles! I'm finally able to offer original paintings and drawings as raffle prices - and who knows what else we can think up in the future if this place takes off? We'll just have to see!

This space was launched in June 2021, so it is still very early days as I'm trying out the functions. Thoughts and opinions are always appreciated!