The Monastery feared Mushirah.

They feared her so much that they threw her in a prison cell, stitched her mouth shut and set her execution date.
Bundled into a caravan by an unknown ally, we follow her journey to the big city that could become her sanctuary, chased by Monastic mercenaries who will stop at nothing to carry out her death sentence.

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Twice upon a time, there was a woman called God. When the greatest pirate the Seven Suns have ever seen vanishes in an orb of light, the universe aches on without her. Her crew mourn the loss of Captain Winona. The evil empire breathes a sigh of relief and returns to its abuse and tyranny. And a few impulsive men declare her a deity, worshipping the ground her buccaneer boots walked on. This space opera tells the tale of a god's second coming, and of the people (and pet wolf) she left behind. God has returned.

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What happens when a comic artist is isolated in her studio for too long?

[12 page one-shot horror comic]

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Jenitales is a collection of short (but spicy!) erotic comics. Each little 'quickie' is a fully painted story which aims to touch upon a different sexual fantasy. In this book you will meet overly passionate cephalopods, a man who can't handle his liquour, and an aerial hoop routine you definitely shouldn't try at home. So, pay your money, spread her open and delve into her stuffed pages!

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