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What The Wind Blew In
Twice upon a time, there was a woman called God.

Winona, to her friends.

She was radiant. She was magnificent. And then, she was gone.

When she returned, fifteen years later, she found a world transformed: her religion outlawed by the evil Einherjar Empire; her worshippers banished to the forsaken edges of the Seven Suns; her followers smeared and vilified with half-truths about their criminal pasts and questionable hygiene…

Now, she must get used to what a galaxy became without her. Her former crew must get used to the Einherjar soldier who risked his life to save one of their own. And the Einherjar general, Gångare, must get to the bottom of the jailhouse full of Miracles on his dreadnaught, who are all repeating one singular phrase:

God has returned.

By Man & Angels: Issue 2

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